Study Information

Purpose of Study

To learn more about the neural basis of pain sensitivity associated with chronic pain


Stroman Laboratory.

Who is Conducting the Study?

Patrick Stroman (P.I), Jocelyn Powers (PhD candidate), Howie Warren (MSc. candidate)

Benefits to Participant

There are no direct benefits to participating in this study. However, the information we obtain will improve our understanding of fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions, which could potentially improve future diagnostic and treatment strategies for these conditions.


Queen's MRI Facility. 15 O'Kill St, Kingston, ON.

Compensation Info

Participants will be compensated $20/hour for approximately 3 hours.

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

  1. Female
  2. 19-60 years old
  3. Must be healthy or have diagnosed fibromyalgia
  4. MRI compatible
  1. Male
  2. Under 19 or over 60 years of age
  3. History of mental illness or severe head trauma
  4. Having medical conditions that are not compatible with magnetic resonance imaging (i.e. pacemakers)

Participant Expectations

Participants will undergo two fMRI sessions scheduled approximately 1 week apart. During these sessions they will be given a noxious heat stimulus to the palm of their right hand. They will be asked to rate the pain associated with these stimuli. Participants with fibromyalgia will also be asked to donate a saliva sample for future genetic testing.

Times Available

The Queen's MRI facility is open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Studies will occur during these times. Please send an email using the contact researcher button below to set up a time.

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