Type of Cycling Exercise and Muscle Response

Study Information
Purpose of Study
To investigate the effects of two types of cycling exercise on training adaptations
Associated Lab
Queen’s Muscle Physiology Lab
SKHS Building
Nick Preobrazenski
Benefits of Participating
In addition to the cash compensation, this study includes free exercise training, free fitness testing and free meals.
Participants will be compensated $50 cash.

1. 3 hours of physical activity per week 2. No concurrent involvement in another training program 3. Body Mass Index of < 30k/m2
1. Presence of cardiovascular disease 2. Presence of metabolic disease 3. Taking regular oral medication (e.g. Adderall) 4. Current smoker
Participant Expectations
Complete 2 fitness tests before training. Have 1 muscle biopsy taken before training. Complete 7, 30-minute sessions of supervised aerobic exercise training on a stationary bike over a 2-week period. Have 1 muscle biopsy taken after training. Complete 2 fitness tests after training.

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