Muscle and Fitness Response to Exercise Training Study

Study Information
Purpose of Study
We are looking at muscle and fitness responses to exercise training consisting of single-leg exercise.
Associated Lab
Queen’s Muscle Physiology Lab
School of Kinesiology and Health Studies - 28 Division St.
Jacob Bonafiglia, PhD Candidate.
Benefits of Participating
Exercise training will improve your fitness, and this particular protocol is likely to improve quadriceps strength as well.
$100 plus 8 weeks of personalized exercise training.

  1. Age 18-30
  2. Non-smoker
  3. No cardiovascular or metabolic disease
  4. No Prescription medication
  5. Less than 3 hours per week of moderate to vigorous exercise


What You'll Be Asked to Do:
Exercise testing, muscle biopsies, 8 weeks of exercise training, specifically, there will be 2 four week training periods separated by 3 months

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