Vascular Function and Protein Expression

Study Information
Purpose of Study
To investigate lower limb vascular function and related protein expression over the menstrual cycle.
Associated Lab
Cardiovascular Stress Response Laboratory
School of Kinesiology and Health Studies - 28 Division St.
Lindsay Lew, MSc Candidate.
Benefits of Participating
Participating in this research will continue to advance our basic understanding of cardiovascular function in women, a population that has been historically understudied. Participants will be given a $70 gift certificate as a thank you.
Participants will be compensated $70.

  1. Female
  2. Between the ages of 18-29
  3. No history of cardiovascular or metabolic diseases (e.g. stroke, hypertension, diabetes)
  4. Recreationally active (<5hrs of structured physical activity/week)
  5. Not currently taking prescribed medication

  1. Male
  2. Taking forms of hormonal birth control (i.e. pills, patch, IUD)
  3. Smoker

What You'll Be Asked to Do:
This study requires 2 visits, each up to 3 hours in length. Each visit involves 1 muscle biopsy and non-invasive blood flow measures using ultrasound technology.

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