Women with Migraine

Study Information
Purpose of Study
To evaluate exercise behaviours in women with and without migraine and whether exercise is a perceived trigger for women with migraine.
Associated Lab
Cardiovascular Stress Response Lab & Centre for Neuroscience Studies
School of Kinesiology and Health Studies - 28 Division St.
Siobhan Wilson, BSc. Candidate
Benefits of Participating
Participating in this study will help researchers better understand how exercise behaviours differ in female migraine populations compared to controls, and in evaluating the prevalence and impact of exercise as a trigger for women with migraine.
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  1. Female
  2. 18 to 24 years old
  3. With or without migraine

  1. Male
  2. Under 18 years of age
  3. Over 24 years of age

What You'll Be Asked to Do:
The participant will be asked to complete 1-2 questionnaires about physical activity behaviours and migraine characteristics.

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