Detective Examines Language Learning Study

Study Information
Purpose of Study
This study is part of a broader project, which assesses language development across the lifespan. We will be comparing the strategies children use when learning language to those used by adults.
Associated Lab
Language and Cognition Laboratory
Humphrey Hall 208, Queen's University. Kingston, ON.
Katherine Snelling or Zoe Saine
Benefits of Participating


1. Native English Speaker 2. Age 17-30
1. Known language delay or disabilities 2. Photosensitive neurological condition
Participant Expectations
In this study, participants will learn a made-up language for around five minutes while we use an eye tracker to assess how this learning is unfolding. They will then try other language tasks so that we can assess how their language learning relates to their language and other abilities. Some of these follow up tasks are computerized, and some are in person. The follow up tasks involve activities like defining words and detecting patterns.

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