Romantic Couple Communication Study

Study Information
Purpose of Study
To assess how the way romantic partners communicate with each other affects their relationship.
Associated Lab
Relationships and Well-Being Lab
Natalie Sisson, PhD student.
Benefits of Participating
Participating in this research will help researchers determine better ways that couples can communicate with each other to resolve persistent conflicts.
Up to $70 CAD or $55 USD compensation per individual for completing the study, and each individual is entered into a draw for a $100 gift card for completing the screening survey.

  1. Participants must be in romantic relationship (we recruit couples as a unit)
  2. Couples must have been together for at least 1 year
  3. Couples must be living together in the Unites States or Canada
  4. People of all genders and sexual orientations

  1. People who are unwilling to have a phone call regarding their eligibility
  2. People who cannot read or write fluently in English
  3. Under the age of 18
  4. Do not live with their romantic partner
  5. Live outside of the United States or Canada or have been in a relationship for less than a year

What You'll Be Asked to Do:
Participants will provide us basic contact information (email, phone number) which we use only to call them for screening and send links to our surveys. They will complete an initial online eligibility survey, followed by a screening phone call. Then they will be enrolled in the full study if eligible. This requires an initial 60 minute survey, 8 consecutive weekly 10-15 minute surveys and a final follow-up survey 6 months after the last week survey (all of which they are compensated for). The full length of the study from screening to follow-up survey is about 9 months.

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