Later-life Recoupling and Intimate Relationships

Study Information
Purpose of Study
To gain better understanding of re-entry into long-term relationships for people aged 55+.
Associated Lab
Dr. Sarah Knudson's research group, University of Saskatchewan
Over the Phone
Dr. Sarah Knudson, Ph.D
Benefits of Participating
Participating in this study will help researchers improve their understandings of re-entry into long-term relationships for heterosexuals at later stages in the life course.
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  1. Age 55+
  2. In a heterosexual relationship
  3. Residing in Canada
  4. Repartnered within the past 5 years
  5. Together with current partner for at least 1 year (participants do NOT have to be living together with their current partner to participate)

  1. Under the age of 55
  2. In a same-sex relationship
  3. Residing outside of Canada
  4. Repartnered more than 5 years ago
  5. Together with current partner for less than 1 year

What You'll Be Asked to Do:
The participant will be asked to participate in one semi-structured phone interview with a member of the research team. This study takes approximately 60 minutes.

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