Home Care Therapy for Toenail Fungus

Study Information
Purpose of Study
The purpose is to test a treatment of toenail fungus
Associated Lab
ToeFX (Sponsor)
There will be one Nail Sampling session in Dundas, the rest will be performed remotely. Materials will be delivered directly to patients, who can self-administer under remote supervision
Alexander Rabinovich MD, adjunct professor at McMaster University
Benefits of Participating
We expect participants infected with toenail fungus to see significant improvement.
Treatment & $50

  1. 18-75 years of age
  2. Diagnosed with toenail fungus
  3. Willing to abstain from anti-fungals
  4. Live in the Hamilton Area

  1. Uncontrolled diabetes
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Autoimmune disorders

What You'll Be Asked to Do:
Participants will spend 30 minutes every 2 weeks administering a home care treatment for onychomycosis. There will be a total of 8, 30 minute-sessions and a 1 hour nail sampling.

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