Kinarm Robot Study

Study Information
Purpose of Study
Your data will be used within a pool of other people to act as age-matched controls to help other researchers compare to their patient populations such as Stroke, MS, TIA, Concussion, Dialysis, Cardiac Surgery, Critically Ill to name a few. This is needed because the neurological effects of injuries, disorders, and diseases are not fully understood. They may affect motor function, strength, limb position sense, and other brain functions including how we process information as well as immediate and delayed memory. Presently, diagnosis and treatments are largely based on subjective measures that use coarse scales. We hope to create a better diagnostic tool to help improve diagnosis, treatment, and therapies for patients.
Associated Lab
LIMB Laboratory
Kingston General Hospital (Connell 4) - 76 Stuart St.
Simone Appaqaq
Benefits of Participating
Our goal is to increase understanding of healthy behaviour so we can then compare to others who have a disease e.g. Stroke/TIA/MS/Concussion etc.
Compensation is $15/hour as well as a parking pass for the underground lot.

  • Males
  • Age 30-35
  • We are looking for healthy individuals with no neurological disorders and no issues affecting the upper limbs. Please contact the researcher below for more information.


What You'll Be Asked to Do:
You will be seated in the Kinarm robot and then perform a series of tasks similar to a simple video game. While you perform the task, the robot measures your movements and reactions.

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