Learning, Education, and Pandemic

Study Information
Purpose of Study
This study aims to assess family experiences with learning during the pandemic. Specifically, we are exploring how stress during the pandemic and online learning is associated with learning outcomes. We will also assess how children’s physical activity, sleep patterns, extracurriculars, thinking and reasoning ability, and time spent socializing impact these associations.
Associated Lab
The Developing Brain Lab
Dr. Emma Duerden, PhD, and Dr Diane Seguin, PhD. Main contact: Ms. Rachel Thorburn
Benefits of Participating
The information collected from the study will identify factors that affect child learning outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic. This information can be used for public health campaigns directed towards families to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, epidemics or future pandemics.
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  1. Parents with a child between the ages of 6-12 years old who attends an Ontario publicly-funded school and is now receiving remote/virtual schooling at home
  2. All parents must be able to read and answer in English


What You'll Be Asked to Do:
Participants will be asked to fill out a short online questionnaire, and if they wish their child will be asked to play some cognitive games on a computer or tablet. The study will take about 30 minutes in total- 20 minutes for the questionnaire and 10 minutes for the cognitive games.

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